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World Series Of Poker 2011 Episode 20 The Main Event part 14 – 3/4 WSOP

Paul Wasicka Video Score: five / five


  1. ChadNose

    phil collins is thinking, umm, he called me with ace 8? I can’t have ace 9 10 jack queen king or pocket 9s? why in the world is this guy calling me with ace 8 offsuit? lol

  2. Checkingokop

    she had AA, but yea camera man quickly zoomed out to catch her jiggly puffs into frame.

  3. Checkingokop

    “check out Germand and Brazilian players on website” what you got against Russians? so far theyve won more bracelettes than German and Braz., and no covered for them at all! ESPN has its agendas i guess.

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