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Schwartz Joins PVN As Programming Director

Adam Schwartz the a professional poker player has joined the broadcast management team of Poker Vision Network (“PVN”).

He will be working as Director of Poker Programming. PokerVision Network (“PVN”) is the subsidiary company of ePlay Digital Inc and the news about joining of Adam Schwartz has been confirmed by PVN.

Mr. Schwartz has vast experience in the field of TV programming and has hosted many big events. He has competed on the world stage successfully as a professional player of poker. He has also hosted the event Twoplustwo Poker Podcast. Twoplustwo Poker Podcast is one of the top and trusted source for getting news related to poker and hearing the commentary of various events. Not only this, but also Mr. Schwartz has served the Score Television Network and Rogers SportsNet for Canadian Poker Tour as color commentator for TV broadcasting.

Upon joining the team of the PVN, PokerVision Media Vice President of Programming Malcolm Dunlop said, “The joining of Mr. Schwartz is very encouraging move and the team of network is pleased to have him in the team. His experience with the game and relationship with people will help us a lot, Mr. Schwartz will be like an asset for us.”

He further added that “Adam’s deep connections and experience with the community and content will help out news network to lead the market, with the help of Adam we will be able to produce more realistic, on time and worth content. He will also be helpful in live programming.”

On this, the comment Adam reply was like this “The opportunity given by Poker Vision to me is welcoming. I have been associated with the industry since long, and very excited for this new move. It will enhance my skill and I will be able to use all my talent and information at PokerVision.