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Come April 8, and  Living it Loving and Redtooth Poker will be combining their vast league expertise and will create an enhanced and expanded Redtooth poker league which will cover vast stretches of the UK. In total there will be 1100 playing pubs with 130,000 registered players who are set to reap the benefits of the partnership. The plan aims for greater and more spectacular regional and national tournaments and the same time provide pubs with modern equipment and support.

The Redtooth Poker league is running for quite few years now and the partnership should help it to reach new heights. The league in its current form takes place in public houses up and down in the UK and runs for 13 weeks. Players are awarded points depending on their final finishing positions and the best performer from each pub represents the region in the national final.

The final event of the next year’s tournament is slated to take place in Las Vegas. Martin Green, director of Redtooth Poker said that the new partnership aims to deliver more tournaments and greater opportunity for clients. He further added that the current member will benefit from their vast industry experience and that they are looking forward to bring more poker action to pubs all over UK.