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If a player will anxiously waiting for his/her next chance in both live and online gaming round then, he/she will not reach at the winning stage. Instead of anxiously waiting, a player should concentrate their mind while seeing the opponent player’s expressions and remarks. Important aspect related to position is, later the position that player will get chance to see expressions and remarks of their opponents. It will allow the player to judge and guess about what their opponents are holding upon. This will able to give a player clear picture about their opponents cards and can develop ideas about what their cards as well.

Another important aspect related to position is, it will be beneficial for the player who is occupying last position on the table; and harmful to the player who is standing at first position of the table round. A last player can see each and every players betting amount and then at last can bet accordingly, and even up to his/her willing maximization. A last player can maximize or re-raise the amount up to the extent he/she desires to after seeing and reading betting amount and tactics of the players occupying places before him/her. And on the opposite side, a player sitting at the first position bet the amount and the rest player bet the amount smaller than he/she betted; or even they may re-raise or can give call.

Once an initial player played his/her action, and further rest of any player plays opposite action than initial player action then the game will not be in control of the initial positioned player. After studying many of such following points, it is advisable for each player to sit and play games from last table position rather than beginning table position. The chances of risk and loss are high for the players whose position is high; likewise, low risk and loss ratings for the players positioned at last.