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Poker Tips from Paul Wasicka

One of the top names in poker is Paul Wasicka. Based in Las Vegas, Wasicka was the runner-up at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2006. He also won the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2007. Paul Wasicka has some advice for his fellow poker players.

When playing heads-up position at the poker table is important. Wasicka also adds aggressive playing and reading one’s opponent to this list. Playing aggressive in your position can often help you win the pot rather than the cards in your poker hand. You can still win even with a poor hand. It’s all about reading your opponents and responding with aggressive playing.

He believes that one of the most important aspects of poker today is heads-up play. This refers to an increasingly popular option when online casinos sites such as Belle Rock Entertainment offer sit and go tournaments with buy-ins varying in amount. He advises many players to spend time strengthen this part of their game.

Wasicka also advises players to avoid playing raised pots out of position. This means refraining from calling many raises from the big blind. Certain hands do lend themselves to this. For instance, hands with two cards from 8 to ace would be worth raising. Also, pairs definitely warrant raising the bid. Hands with an 8 and 7 or lower are essentially worthless since they are almost always overpowered by larger hands. Focus in big cards.

When presented with a decision during the big blind. Wasicka said he almost always opts for fold or re-raise. When he does re-raise he goes big. Generally the amount is anywhere three to four times the bet on the table. He increases the pot prior to the flop to deter opponents from calling with mediocre hands. Reading your opponent is vital during heads up play.