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Poker Profile – Luca Pagano

Luca Pagano from Italy always had a passion for crunching numbers. He had a great mind full of analytical capabilities and had a great love for the numbers. These are the two criteria which are very important to being a poker player. It is not all luck at the poker table. One has to ensure that he does well in analyzing the pros and cons of the event and then make his move. Luca Pagano was also a computer enthusiast and had his degree in computer engineering. He has also played his hand in the stock market. When he started playing poker, he found that nothing could beat the excitement and the money of a poker game.

Luca Pagano started with PokerStars and tried his hand at the free money tables. He soon found out his passion for the game as it was very easy for him to win at the tables in a very short period of time. This encouraged him to move up to the real money games and there has been no turning back ever since. His winning in the money counter began with PokerStars and has yet to see an end. He has to his name many cash finishes in some of the biggest online tournaments.

His live tournament earnings have also been very high and he has won many events. In the Barcelona event in Season 1, he secured the third place and cashed a sum of $24,500. In the Grand Final of Season 4 in Monte Carlo, he finished sixth and had to his credit earnings of an impressive $533,253. In the Season 6 of the EPT Warsaw, he made an appearance in the final table and earned a cash prize of $128,930. In the year 2011, he won the IPT San Remo in his home ground.