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Poker lesson 4: Interpreting Bet Sizing by Bill Elder(rus subs)

Paul Wasicka Video clip Rating: 5 / 5


  1. Ragnabyte

    I’m not a poker Pro just yet, but I think I’m still in a position to
    partially disagree with Bill Elder here about non-standard preflop raising.
    Whenever I play my hands I often randomize between 2.5-, 3-, 3.5- and
    4-betting, regardless of my cards. Once in a while I even just 2-bet or
    even 5-bet because I know it can create suspicion. Now, I’m not saying that
    my play is better, but it’s what I do and so it’s wrong to assume that I’m
    giving any special information from a differently betted hand.

    However, I am certain that Bill Elder is talking about commonalities here,
    and not absolutes. So I wouldn’t say he’s wrong. He’s probably correct 98%
    of the time.

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