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Poker After Dark Season 2 episode 53 5/5

Paul Wasicka Video clip Rating: 5 / five


  1. Nemesis000000

    You have no idea what me or spookyben are saying to you. Neither of us said anything good about Jamie Gold, you’re totally confused.

  2. vycadin

    uh, spooky, with “reads”? lol.. hope i catch u or ur hero jamie gold at any table.. just cuz he won the wsop me, doesnt mean he’s good (geez)hahahaha. nemesis, i am mentally chalenged, but ill still take u on 1/2, 2/4 hu full tilt or PS any day…(whats ur name on those sites there little fella) haha ive been somkin crack 4 2 days and ill still beat u biattttttchhh)

  3. AnimeIntroStyles3

    Gold should write a book “how to get donks and pros to call your better hand”.

    If nothing else, it’s the one thing he’s good at.

  4. Nemesis000000

    vycadin are you mentally challenged? You misunderstood spooky, and he explained what he meant in plain english and you still don’t understand.

  5. spookyben

    lol — learn to read, I wasn’t calling 75 the nuts, I was saying nothing short of it is a sure thing. Gold absolutely thought he’d won.

    With reads like that Vyc, I hope I see you at the tables.

  6. spookyben

    One of my favorite final hands ever on PAD. Gold throws in the 5 thinking he’s a sure winner. Sexton shows him that nothing short of the nuts is ever for sure in poker.

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