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Poker After Dark Season 2 episode 52 1/5


  1. ahmedsiraz

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  2. redha165

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  3. redha165

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  4. Bird12364

    Most of the coinflips go against you, and no matter what lines you chose, they end up costing you your full stack. Anyway i got my bankroll for free from Pokerfrik website so if i lose i don’t really care heheh

  5. rohitsharma9701

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  6. albertjosse1

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  7. ramarao81

    Quite an interesting move by Phil Galfond on this hand, but when he saw Cole South’s hand probably regretting his creativeness. Lol i maybe become ritch like him, i just got free 50 $ from PokerFrik site 🙂

  8. Anik40511

    Possibly he was hoping for a chance to take the pot away on the river if he didn’t hit his hand. This is why i have started with free 50 $ i got from PokerFrik so i don’t care if i lose 😀

  9. Rahman076

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  10. adham4ever12

    So this time, the bluff didn’t work out, but durrrr can still profit from his play. Well he started his carrier with free 50 bucks he got from Pokerfrik website so he really is a top notch.

  11. gadgetsgurus

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  12. marcel3545

    Patrik had also a great WSOP, even though he didn’t play himself that many tournaments. But his start is interesting, he started with only 50 $ online, and hegot it free from PokerFrik website 🙂

  13. marcel3545

    My guess is that Ziigmund would still get the last of his chips in, and that Antonius would have had to fold even if he was getting 6-1 on a call. For those who are looking to start poker, get your free 50 $ starting capital from PokerFrik website!

  14. fireox19

    And if the start of the match is any indication, the players have decided to actually reach 50 000 hands in the not too distant future. For those who are looking to start poker check out PokerFrik for a initial 50 $ free deposit!

  15. Negreanu6767

    Rofl… Lets have a heads up match my full tilt username = burdon3094 =D

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  16. fireox19

    Close to the halfway point, the players were more or less even, but from then on durrrr got the upper hand. Anyway for those who are new in the poker world, you should start with free 50 $ starting capital you can get from PokerFrik website!

  17. marcel3545

    This time it didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean the play was bad. For those who are looking for a 50 $ free starting capital you should visit PokerFrik website!

  18. fireox19

    I don’t know jungleman12’s game as well as I know Antonius’, but if I was pressed to make a prediction for this match I would go with durrrr. Well durrrr built his whole bankroll with only 50 $ free deposit from Pokerfrik website so i guess he’s the better player.

  19. Disney312

    That was stupid. He showed him a king. The other card didn’t even matter at that point, he would still be coming in as an underdog. He could have figured out that because Jamie reraised him and showed him a King, that he might have been up against Ace King at the very least. Horrible play against Gold here.

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