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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 7 3/5

Paul Wasicka Online video Rating: 5 / five


  1. hrfasoul

    5:10 hellmuth celebrates with 9 full of 5…imagine dwan showing with 9 full of A what would’ ve happened!! xaxaxaxaxa

  2. xxlessQQmorePEWPEWxx

    i dont like it when phil acts like this brown nosing and being nice pfft this isnt phil we all know and hate 😉

  3. SSOzzy

    It looks like Phil has/had an obsession with Tom. He really wanted to beat him so he prepared for the match. Too bad Tom was ill. It kinda looks like Phil wants to be a quasi-mentor to Tom in a weird way. Remember that Phil made a name for himself at almost the same age as Tom came up. Perhaps Phil was jealous at first that a kid could beat him senseless, so he got angry, but after realizing that he could beat Tom he accepted that this kid isn’t that bad and he’s actually great.

  4. delarge6655123

    is easy for phil to have a good attitude when he wins. i must admit it looks like he knew how to play against dwan coming into this year. but i would put alot on the fact that he would have had the same attitude this year if he lost again. especially on a bad beat. i would have alot more respect for phil hellmuth if he had this same attitude on a loss. which i HIGHLY doubt would be the case. how many of you see him introducing dwan to his dad after a loss? hopefully none.

  5. avihayvideos

    Great plays by phil Hellmuth. And WHY THE HELL did Negreanu just calls at 7:26?!!!!! HE has 2 pairs!!! Poor play at my mind.. Should have raised or go all in..

  6. treezX

    wow phil played like a BOSS in this match..i think having tom meet his father was a bit over the top tho..phil is like hey daddy look who i beat lol…that being said, i still love phil..gotta give him credit hes finally coming around in terms of attitude

  7. louiggii

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  8. nekros206rc

    i dont think phil was just gettin hands…
    look at that allin with 63 against q2…
    Phil felt weakness and was right,,,
    Unbelievable player

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