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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 5 3/4

Paul Wasicka Video Rating: 4 / five


  1. NegreanuDan81

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  2. bobkaize

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  3. 160708veronica

    non dire cazzate va…non ha esperienza…pensaai kazzi tuoi,t piacerebbe essere kome dario minieri…

  4. 160708veronica

    …dario e forte…nn capite un kzzo…negreanu e piu forte vero,nessuno lo diskute…ma a ki da dell idiota a minieri m piacerebbe vedere kome finisce in un heads up contro di lui..fate passare qualke annetto e poi vediamo se sietetanto piu forti d noi italiani…sono contento di vedere quanto stia dventando forte la scuola italiana,abbiate pazienza…certo k se c fossestato il grande gus hansen….

  5. bjw2kc

    play online is different dude, that was really bad bluff, thinks he stands to lose much money too on internet, but in this tournament is very important no random play

  6. rrrargh

    Lol? That idiot/stupid person would clean your whole money in poker. That all-in was probably just a bad read.

    But Daniel Negreanu is really good at impersonating anyone ( like the 6:09 part of him saying “It’s a bluff” ). Hehe 🙂

  7. BoobiesHooray

    poor ivey, vanessa only knows how to play premium cards, her skill limit is based on luck only, unfortunately thats what she gets here, otherwise, she has no chance. horrible horrible player, and seriously, nice body but not that cute, dont get me wrong id do her if i was drunk, but lmao she picked chad brown to settle down with, lmao chad brown……oh shit thats funny

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