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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 5 2/4

Paul Wasicka Video clip Ranking: four / 5


  1. ciresaru94

    Dario probably didn’t want to say Lazio as being the biggest rivals of Roma because he think that people may not know about Lazio,so he choosed a better known team

  2. DamianTheFarmer

    lol i agree as soon as i heard him say manchester united im like wtf. lazio is ur rival u idiot

  3. AndersonNguyens

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  4. Phillvey33

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  5. bobkaize

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  6. Subimprez

    My jaw nearly hit the floor when Minieri said that Man utd were the biggest rival of Roma, obviously not as big a fan as he makes out lol. Thanks for the uploads too.

  7. wh1r6h1l

    you can see in daniel’s eyes that he suffered a tragedy recently…although he tries to hide it …


    That’s a lot of bullcrap…Lazio is a big rival because is in the same town but not the biggest rival, because Lazio is playing to not going in to the second league instead Roma is playing for better results, i would say that the biggest rival at the moment is the great INTER!!!!

  9. kiluminati7196

    lol He is a Roma fan but he ain’t know biggest rival from own town lol. Lazio is biggest Roma rival U donk..

  10. pokerjoker619

    daneils always on the feature table for this tourny! lol the one time he shuda been with scotty.. he wasnt

  11. machinenamon

    actually scratch what i said in the last video… wanting to see durrr vs. Daniel… To watch Tom vs. Dario, that’d be REALLY SICK… bluff vs. bluff.

  12. damien28173

    Durrr constantly defeats Greenstein, why is this not a public rivalry? online Durrr destroys him too.

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