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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 4 2/4

Paul Wasicka Video clip Ranking: four / 5


  1. NegreanuDan81

    Rofl, Lets have a heads up match my FTP username is picostun0806 :]

    And its true
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  2. LuisJohnson3

    Hear about reference codes? Me never until lately I made big dough from it with no sweat atall. Just entered the code FILM with FullTiltpoker and got $ 600 money! Poker was new for me but now I got the hang of it cause was easy to

  3. JumpnCflash

    They should put Jerry Yang in the next Chipmunk movie! Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Jerry Yang. He could be the long lost brother and play bass in the band!

  4. BoobiesHooray

    i wish i was eastgate, kinda, not in the looks or personality department, im talking about the dumbass luckbox department, wow, that tool is a lucky donk

  5. rymon008

    what 60% tax even if i have $9m and our tax is 10% in our country that 10% can buy a mansion in our country but 60% wtf

  6. lekkerbelangrijk000

    Wow 60 percent tax on 9 million…that’s gotta hurt… time to buy a nice house in monaco eastgate

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