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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 2 4/4

Paul Wasicka Video Ranking: four / 5


  1. crazyk951

    Umm lets see. I’ve seen your same message on three different videos to three differents people. The problem? Every time it’s a different amount to who it’s limited to. Quit advertising douchbag, everyone knows those bonus codes are shit!

  2. NegreanuDan33

    Ahah. Do you wanna have a one on one match my full tilt name is saslo5905 =]

    And yep
    Full Tilt last monday revealed on their facebook fan site that a new player can now head to their website, then sign up for a account with the promo code AMERICAS.
    Its a amazing bonus special offer. They will DOUBLE your first deposit plus a few other excellent perks. Sucks but it’s limited to the first 4500 players that sign up using it

  3. allinonetime87

    sigmund atleast got manners… when u draw out ur opponent u just keep ur mouth shut.. thats manners

  4. BigDrew11189

    sahamies is a high stakes poker player with big balls who is super lucky but he has won a lot of money

  5. MikeAllenInDaHouse

    If u watched him in the later episodes of this seasons PAD you’d see why so many ppl rave about his agressive play, he was 350k down at the start of the week and plays his way to 150k up.

  6. raytownloc

    i dont really understand why some think Sahamies is so good, he looked like a fish to me on High Stakes and seems to always get his money in bad.

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