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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 2 2/4

Paul Wasicka Online video Ranking: four / 5


  1. Nathan Messenger

    Eh… NO you better not put all your money in with two tens in the third hand. Look up the match between Deeb and Wasicka the same round. Early on Wasicka held Jacks and folded after the 3-bet all-in from Deeb who had Queens. The way Dwan defines “standard shove” is against maniac internet kids. Phil knew his style and thus trapped him right way. Usually Phil plays small ball with a big hand preflop. You young kids think you could correct anybody, no matter how long he’s been around.

  2. stajvson

    Phil… YOU didn’t get dwan to put his chips in as a 4 to 1 dog. You woke up with aces when dwan held tens. Cards played themselves.

  3. NegreanuDan81

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  4. bobkaize

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  5. r6uocs

    i know
    i might be the biggest fan of hellmuth’s personality sometimes, but i do like his play and lately he’s been pretty friendly i think… so that’s good.

  6. Rafael Bejaran

    its kinda easy to have an idea depending on the board and how much a player bets w/ certain hands like 1/10th the pot w/ middle pair or half w/ top etc…

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