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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 11 1/5

Paul Wasicka Movie Score: 4 / five


  1. TheNewPatsyBailey

    funny how even that J10 move by elky is explained as luck by vanessa. right, cause winning that hand with AK is just…luck (preferably gained by stupid bitches or ugly people).

    jealousy can be so hilarious!

  2. weiliem

    she’ such a terrible player and yet she goes through…. i cant believe elky went so aggressive knowing that he has better skills….

  3. manikd52

    Why do you assume that the comment had a sexist slant?
    (FYI: This is what is known as a Rhetorical Question)
    (FYI: You’re an ass)

  4. debdelport

    How is this any different than how the majority of professional male poker players react to winning and losing pots?

    (FYI: This is what is known as a Rhetorical Question)

  5. sirChewbecka

    correct me if im wrong, she’s a professional poker player? which pro goes all in with the best hand and begs for more.

  6. sirChewbecka

    she reminds me of any tom dick or harry at the WSOP main event begging for a card from the dealer when she’s all in.

  7. Sashrf

    i respect this girl maybe she get some luck but you must find that ways to not be dropped in ass(poker is not a game without luck)…and she kicked Iveys ass, so all donks stfu.. just

  8. NegreanuDan84

    Lmao. Lets have a 1 on 1 match my full tilt username = volkag5833 =D

    And yep
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  9. cclarke1804

    I’m actually glad Vanessa won that one. Elky’s just some ugly zero-personality foreigner – least now I get to look at some hot bitch in the final.

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