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National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 1 2/5

Paul Wasicka Video clip Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Malvinace Zhen

    No, the youtubers is a professional high´╗┐ roller on facebook zynga poker … They deserve more …

  2. Goregod13

    It cracks me up everytime I read insults or about how bad he/she played when they have more money then you will ever see. Dario probably spends what you make in a´╗┐ year on scarves.

  3. K1ngstonW

    Well she earnd more money then you will ever see and she is alot smarter then you. She qualified thru poker tournamenst you idiot. Dont you listen´╗┐ you ignorent fuck. Dont make comments when you do not understand or have the reference of poker fucking idiots.

  4. Dimebag4everrr

    It was 98% for Ivey….there were 2% change that´╗┐ they tie the pot, but Tilly had not change to win the pot so
    Ivey 98% Tilly 0% was true

  5. Jess Tayylor

    @bugdrew11189 u dumbass, its called trapping the person, making the other player beliv that you have a bad hand, waiting for the other player to raise so that he can´╗┐ actually earn something.. its called slow playing..u dont just go all in when you have Aces do you? you have to slow play it.. its called Poker folks..

  6. Gforcebond

    moneymaker has to 2 and 3 barrell bluff more b/c daniel is just calling´╗┐ him down everytime and if chris fires a 3rd bullet he most likely has it he has to be more unpredictable

  7. ToSSpLaY

    I never claimed to be a rich donk moron.´╗┐ I said there are plenty of rich donks. Example: Lots of people who win the WSOP arn’t world class poker players, yet are seen as world champions if they win this. Again, stop trying to sound smart, your just making yourself look more and more ignorant.

  8. HerbertNicholas

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  9. bobkaize

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