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Max Pescatori

Massimiliano Pescatori is a popular poker player who is Italian professional player. Pescatori is always presents in the tournament scene of the poker. He is basically very much regular in the tournaments. In the Card Player Magazine’s he often place at high of the Year Race. At first he was started playing seven card studs at the Luxor Hotel. Basically he shifted from Las Vegas to Nevada and starts play with this game. But eventually he gets to know that Texas Hold’em is more profitable. So he shifted his focus on this game.

At the 2008 World Series of Poker he won as far as possible half Texas hold ’em, half Omaha hold ’em occasion, with its $246,471 first prize. He crushed a last table which incorporated noted competition authority Allen Cunningham and high stakes money amusement player Minh Ly. At the 2006 WSOP, Pescatori won the $2,500 no restriction hold ’em occasion when his club of J, 8of club beat Anthony Reategui’s with Q of club, T of diamond on a leading group. In the year of 2005 he profited completes in the WSOP, three cash finalizes at Festa Al Lago and five cash finalizes at the National Championships of poker.

In The year of 2004 he had two completions in the cash at the WSOP, and went ahead to win as far as possible hold’em occasion of the Legends of Poker and make eight last tables finalizes in the Ultimate Poker Challenge’s first season. Pescatori has additionally finalized in the cash in six World Poker Tour or WPT occasions. His first significant competition win was in as far as possible hold’em occasion in the 2003 World Poker Challenge in Reno, Nevada. That time he beat a last table incorporating John Bonetti. After three days he won the Omaha High Low occasion and this is the fact. Pescatori went ahead to turn proficient throughout 1999. In the year of 1998 he was coached or trained by Valter Farina. Basically he is the first Italian to win a bracelet at the WSOP or World Series of Poker. In spite of having a home in Las Vegas, Pescatori views himself as Italian and is glad for his legacy, frequently wearing an Italian tricolour handkerchief on his head throughout competitions.