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Linton Leads ISPT Wembley Final

According to latest news, Julian Gardner has missed the ISPT Wembley Final event recently. He was very much close to final title but Linton made the final victory. It was a very proud moment for Linton and he is happy with his achievement. It is very tough to make the final table among such popular faces. Two most popular faces at final table were female French poker pro Janot Gwendolyn and online poker pro Alban Juen. The other faces at final table were less known to common public. Initially, Alban Juen was leading the game with maximum chip count. Linton was ranked number nine with 3 million chips.

Julian Gardner was a winner at WSOP main event 2002. This event was very unlucky for the popular poker player Julian Gardner. He was not able to make a good hand but Linton managed to survive in the game somehow. In other words, we can say that it was a lucky day for Linton where he was able to manage a good victory among all other popular faces. Linton has made total $5.8 million during the tournament. Everyone is looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also.

You can also check the chip count for other players at ISPT Wembley Final table.  Linton leads the event with total 11,070,000 chip counts. The second rank was secured by Alban Juen with total 7,615,000 chip count. Third number was taken by Nick Hicks with total 6,230,000 chip count. At the fourth rank, there was Gwendolyn Janot with total 5,880,000 chip count. The fifth number was secured by Jakub Michalak with total 4,825,000 chip count. At the sixth position, there was Xavier el fassy with total chip count 4,555,000. Now you can easily observe the difference between their chip count and ranks accordingly.