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Kwick Fish poker player

According to champions, there is no scope for second position. To become a great player, you have to score the first place only. The same is the case with poker play. Here second winner claims for large profit but fame goes along with top player only. It was 2006 when Paul Wasicka finished 2nd at WSOP main event. He claimed for $6 million at the end which was a good amount. But he was upset for not securing the first rank in WSOP 2006 main event.

He decided to be more focused and skilled to become more popular in the gambling world. He was born on 1981 in Texas. The future of this player was very bright and inspirational for novice poker players. At his young age, his parents asked him to play backgammon and chess. He was good at chess but he was passionate about the game. He was continuously playing chess during his mid school. As soon as he entered to high school, he decided to make his career in poker world.

He entered to a casino and joined the blackjack table. There he started betting with $10 and turned it to $100 quickly. He was able to get good card sense with blackjack but there was something lacking in the game to keep it interesting. Eventually, he decided to join poker circuit. He was already familiar with the basics. With a quick coaching lesion, he was able to make a good start at poker.

He participated in poker tournament and finished ninth out of 100 players. The same day, he introduced himself to online poker too. He started playing video poker and he was earning a good profit online. He was a high stake player doing very well in online poker games. These days Paul is playing Golf too along with poker. He is working really hard with a trainer for improving his Golf skills.