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Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem is basically from Lebanon and moved to Australia with his family when he ws very young. This took him to a new country where he developed a career as a practicing chiropractor. He was very successful in his career and took great care of his patients. He lived a happy and satisfied life until there was a medical problem and he had to give up his career as a chiropractor. This was the time when he was looking for an alternative career and his old age passion for the game of poker came back with a blast. This was almost after 13 years as a chiropractor that he had to change his line of thought.

Though he started another career in a brokerage firm, he also started playing poker. What had been a hobby when he was young was now taking the shape of a full time profession. This was the time when he wanted to work on making himself a success in the game. He started playing cash games in the local casinos and started mastering his skills. Once he had his hand set with the cards, he knew that he had to look for better and bigger avenues to ensure that he could be a successful poker player.

From one game to the other, he started playing and winning. The first cash win for Joe Hachem came when he reached the final tables of one of the Australian Championships and took away a large sum of money home with him. This was the beginning of a long string of wins which made him the champion of the game and took him to places where only the champions trend. With each finish, his bank balance kept on increasing and so did his confidence. This took him in line with the champions and gave him a place of pride amongst the players.