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High Stakes Living: Paul Wasicka

Paul Wasicka Video clip Rating: 4 / 5


  1. normalpsychology

    @Marvin24241 I’m sorry, but poker isn’t some gentle sport you can play without feeling tension or stress. Poker is mainly a game about making money, meaning, if you want to play for real — you have to be aggressive.

  2. P0k3rmaniac

    buttt ehhh ..ehmmm i like ehhhmm ee i dont knoww ehhh ehhh uhmm ehmmm ehmmm uhmm.. paul is annoying me just irritating how he talks gimme tom dwans house

  3. allinraise

    Damn cool fella, damn cool place, and fwiw; excellent poker player. Wish he would have beaten that donk Jamie Gold in the final.

  4. binksy69

    @mightykc38 “Is this where you play online poker?” No, it’s where i control the Millenium Falcon! Stoopid’ bitch…

  5. JackOfClubs777

    Lmao, Lets have a heads up match my FTP ID is daldu3889 =]

    And yeah
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  6. BiZZiEBucKZ

    Because clearly you like to conserve………lol! At least you’re a true gentleman; hats off to you brother see next year wsop!!

  7. allankay12

    @Marvin24241 I to always thought Paul Wasicka was all class even before I seen this video. But how boring would this world be if we all acted pretty much the same? I don’t get why you threw tom dwan into the khan,matusow,tony g comment.Those 3 are obnoxious but sometimes their comments are funny and let most people realize how much better they are then the mouth or tony g.Hevad khan was just being goofy at the wrong time and place.He doesn’t act like that. he even regrets doing that crazy stuff

  8. messymarv1111

    @Marvin24241 This guys socially awkward, his buddy playin 9 tables sounded more ‘ normal ‘
    a few of my favourite players are tom dwan, mike matusow and tony g ( tony g is very fun to watch)…. just an opinion = )

  9. ThAWaNKr

    @ElephantRage lol its called being the runner-up wsop main event the year there was the biggest field.. he won 6million i think and gold took the first for 12 million or something like that.. he won a very very huge amount

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