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Final Hand of WSOP 2006

Paul Wasicka Video clip Score: 4 / five


  1. GalaxyTrigger82

    @jirkakrtek dude phil to jamie gold theres no comparison this chump is
    annoying as fuck at least phils outburts are entertaining and not to
    mention he also is all time bracelet winner.

  2. Subzero9922

    Thats why you’ll never stand there, first or second. It’s about the money,
    but also about honour and just wanting to be the best

  3. jixar91

    ok the guy came second but why is he sad. he got 6 million lol?? people
    like jamie gold and darvin moon joe cada dont deserve shit

  4. Jesus David Ramirez Cueto

    @rojas2284 so true, jamie was a one hit wonder and a paper champ, but he
    win the main event and we dont, i respect that, but wasika is a great
    player, and gold not so much.

  5. illlyb27

    2006 final table Gold had more casino tournament final table finishes than
    the rest of his final table opponents combined. Gold eliminated 7 of his 8
    opponents at the final table. He won 12 million dollars that year.He’s a
    donk like anyone who calls him a donk knows wtf they’re talking about. As
    for who deserves to win I think it should be the best poker player aka as
    the Winner.

  6. serratop

    That Gold is such a bad player, talking too much, and his celebration
    before he won is rediculess, but he won 12oooooo

  7. THEUnknowneasy

    STFU …thats call LUCK…. u can win it by ALL LUCK… WOW… takes talent
    to talk …always folding good hands WOW… look when gold plays cash games
    vs the PROS and GETS FUCK IN THE ASS…. he has to hit a miracle pair the
    board to Win against them… hahhah FUCKEN IDIOT!!!…. look for the video

  8. nyke030

    Wasicka never said “Call” ….he just said “u talked me in” but Jamie Gold
    said “call??” instead of wasicka….That was an open fold from
    wasicka….terrible floorman! And Jamie Gold is a sneaky son of a *****!

  9. serratop

    exactly, he went all in and didnt stop talking about his hand. i was warned
    some times in vegas and in reno, because i like to talk players in or off

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