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Erica Schoenberg Resume Bolsters the Poker Feminism Sisterhood

Few women have elicited the haughty wins that are demonstrated by women in the US poker scenes. Nevertheless, there are a few women who have cemented the American feminist poker sisterhood by clinching top prizes and earning mouth-watering figures. One of these women is Erica Schoenberg who has played widely in the globally-organized poker games with impeccable performance.

She has not disappointed her country when she has shown up in high-profile events but has outshone competitors. Though a frequent player at live tournaments, she is also a player on the online poker events where she performs incredibly well. Weighing her string of winnings alongside earnings, her adventure in poker has spawned far-reaching rewards for her career.

Schoenberg emerged 16th in the WSOP $25,000 Championships NL Texas hold’em and 3rd in the 2007 WSOP $1,500 NLHE. She also featured in the Season IV World Poker Tour Ladies Night tournament. On the same year, she threw her hat in the $2,500 NLHE Mandalay Bay Poker Championships where she clinched $105,875. She has also played in the Full Tilt Poker where she has scored excellently with her earnings heightening imperceptibly. Owing to the stormy arenas she has ventured to lock horns with superlative players, her name cannot be expunged from the list of first-class poker women players in the US. Her incessant winnings are exemplary for novice players who have ventured into the murky waters of gambling and left without bruises.

As of 2014, Schoenberg her overall live tournaments earnings were beyond $870,000. As she is incessant in the game, one cannot underestimate her if she ventures into play at high-profile. However, she should plunge into the WSOP, WPT or EPT for a sizeable jackpot. She is among the women who deserve the fete for outstanding performance at stormy poker competitions.