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Elder is a Distinguished Poker Player

Today when poker has undergone a paradigmatic shift from the conventional live tournaments to a virtual game, professional players are investing in both platforms to make earnings. One top-notch player who has played widely in live events and online poker games is Rupert Elder.

He propelled to global prominence when he clinched the European Poker Tour first prize and bolstered his standing in poker again by notching an additional Aussie Millions ring. He plays virtually under the screen name ElRupert and has amassed beyond $3,000,000. Online platforms are fortuitous, Elder has leveraged infrastructure to gain substantial bucks. His resume depicts flexibility as he can play online or bet in live events with perspicacity.

As aforesaid, he rose to fame by playing online, in 2010; he participated in the Full-Tilt-Poker Millions Dollar to take home $142,846. By the same token, he played excellently at the 2011 European Poker Tour, San Romeo to rake in €930,000 by vanquishing German Max Heinzelmann in heads-up confrontation. This win was bolstered in 2013 when he returned to the EPT in Berlin in a €1,100 Turbo Event to take home €49,800 – having won his place at the table for free after winning one of the live casino games pools.

Another remarkable milestone in his poker career is undergirded in his WSOP outcomes. Playing in 2011 at the World Series of Poker Main Event, he managed to place 132nd to siphon off $54,851. He also featured in the Aussie Millions at an inaugural tournament to outlast a field of 1338 entrants to walk away with $263,925. To say the least, he boats a magnificent resume and is poised to climb up the ladder and rub shoulders with the likes of Martin Jacobson or David Negreanu.

In 2013, his overall tournament earnings were above $1.9 M albeit his online winnings are not disclosed. He is still playing poker and is expected to place a top position in one of the global poker circuits as his resume heralds future wins.