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Dennis N. Phillips resume is an impeccable piece to confound critics

Poker continues to offer lucrative avenues to talented players to garner earnings and also mint accolades.

With the increased popularity of the World Series of Poker, players who are willing to climb higher on their career ladder can utilize local tournaments not only to enlarge their bankrolls but also as leeway to high-profile tournaments. The chances are limited but may come across your career path at any moment.

Dennis N. Phillips first qualified to enter the 2008 WSOP Main Event via a $200 Satellite event Harrah Casino. On getting the opportunity, he played leaving nothing to chances as chip leader at the final table but placed 3rd in his heat. Nevertheless, this did not halt his career but strengthened him to venture into other notable tournaments where he has performed incredibly well.

The most endearing accomplishment he has made throughout his career is his third position at the WSOP in 2008, at the final table he merely missed winning as he did not have cards essential for winning the hand but took home a stupendous $4,517,773.

In 2009, he resurged at the World Series of Poker to place 45th to garner $178,857. Philips placed 3rd in the NBC National Heads-Up Championship, Las Vegas where he netted a fortuitous $125,000. Dennis has finished excellently in the World Series of Poker Senior tournament. In 2012, he placed to garner $372,895. In 2014, he placed 5th for $153,883. The finishes distinguish him among very few players who have made three top ten finishes alongside a 4th deep finish in events flocked by more than 4,000 entrants. His earnings are also not meager; he has accumulated substantial dollars by playing live events only.

As of 2014, Dennis had accumulated above $5,000,000 in live events, showing the lucrative nature of poker to confound critics it’s a real career.