Dewey Tomko

Dewey Tomko is not an especially well known poker player, yet he is a standout amongst the best. As one of the more seasoned players on the poker scene the dominant parts of his victories were after the game came to be prominent on TV. Nowadays he uses the greater part of his times in money games instead of playing in competitions which has additionally helped his not being all that well known.

Dewey Tomko is an expert poker player initially from Pennsylvania. He got his begin playing in nearby pool corridors where he rapidly revealed that he had an ability for the game. He was soon procuring enough playing poker that he was fit to pay for his school educational cost with the cash that he won. After he moved on from school Tomko might secure employment as a kindergarten educator. He might proceed to fill in as an educator for the following a few years. Indeed, so he might additionally proceed to play poker during the evening.

Inevitably Dewey Tomko might go to the acknowledgment that was profiting playing poker than he was educating kindergarten. He subsequently chose to stop and to concentrate on poker full time. At first he played in generally money games however he soon began playing in competitions too. He has truth be told been playing in competitions for so long that he now holds the record for having made the most manifestations at the World Series of Poker. He has played at the occasion each year since 1974. While he has not been the best player at the WSOP he does have some great comes about to his record.

At the World Series of Poker Dewey Tomko has figured out how to win three bracelets throughout the years. His most amazing triumph however has been the two principle occasion finals tables that he has made it to; he fulfilled in second both times. He has likewise had a few triumphs on the World Poker Tour where he has made it to the finals in a few occasions. Notwithstanding his prosperity in competitions Dewey Tomko is more or a money game player nowadays.

Linton Leads ISPT Wembley Final

According to latest news, Julian Gardner has missed the ISPT Wembley Final event recently. He was very much close to final title but Linton made the final victory. It was a very proud moment for Linton and he is happy with his achievement. It is very tough to make the final table among such popular faces. Two most popular faces at final table were female French poker pro Janot Gwendolyn and online poker pro Alban Juen. The other faces at final table were less known to common public. Initially, Alban Juen was leading the game with maximum chip count. Linton was ranked number nine with 3 million chips.

Julian Gardner was a winner at WSOP main event 2002. This event was very unlucky for the popular poker player Julian Gardner. He was not able to make a good hand but Linton managed to survive in the game somehow. In other words, we can say that it was a lucky day for Linton where he was able to manage a good victory among all other popular faces. Linton has made total $5.8 million during the tournament. Everyone is looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also.

You can also check the chip count for other players at ISPT Wembley Final table.  Linton leads the event with total 11,070,000 chip counts. The second rank was secured by Alban Juen with total 7,615,000 chip count. Third number was taken by Nick Hicks with total 6,230,000 chip count. At the fourth rank, there was Gwendolyn Janot with total 5,880,000 chip count. The fifth number was secured by Jakub Michalak with total 4,825,000 chip count. At the sixth position, there was Xavier el fassy with total chip count 4,555,000. Now you can easily observe the difference between their chip count and ranks accordingly.

Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem is basically from Lebanon and moved to Australia with his family when he ws very young. This took him to a new country where he developed a career as a practicing chiropractor. He was very successful in his career and took great care of his patients. He lived a happy and satisfied life until there was a medical problem and he had to give up his career as a chiropractor. This was the time when he was looking for an alternative career and his old age passion for the game of poker came back with a blast. This was almost after 13 years as a chiropractor that he had to change his line of thought.

Though he started another career in a brokerage firm, he also started playing poker. What had been a hobby when he was young was now taking the shape of a full time profession. This was the time when he wanted to work on making himself a success in the game. He started playing cash games in the local casinos and started mastering his skills. Once he had his hand set with the cards, he knew that he had to look for better and bigger avenues to ensure that he could be a successful poker player.

From one game to the other, he started playing and winning. The first cash win for Joe Hachem came when he reached the final tables of one of the Australian Championships and took away a large sum of money home with him. This was the beginning of a long string of wins which made him the champion of the game and took him to places where only the champions trend. With each finish, his bank balance kept on increasing and so did his confidence. This took him in line with the champions and gave him a place of pride amongst the players.


If a player will anxiously waiting for his/her next chance in both live and online gaming round then, he/she will not reach at the winning stage. Instead of anxiously waiting, a player should concentrate their mind while seeing the opponent player’s expressions and remarks. Important aspect related to position is, later the position that player will get chance to see expressions and remarks of their opponents. It will allow the player to judge and guess about what their opponents are holding upon. This will able to give a player clear picture about their opponents cards and can develop ideas about what their cards as well.

Another important aspect related to position is, it will be beneficial for the player who is occupying last position on the table; and harmful to the player who is standing at first position of the table round. A last player can see each and every players betting amount and then at last can bet accordingly, and even up to his/her willing maximization. A last player can maximize or re-raise the amount up to the extent he/she desires to after seeing and reading betting amount and tactics of the players occupying places before him/her. And on the opposite side, a player sitting at the first position bet the amount and the rest player bet the amount smaller than he/she betted; or even they may re-raise or can give call.

Once an initial player played his/her action, and further rest of any player plays opposite action than initial player action then the game will not be in control of the initial positioned player. After studying many of such following points, it is advisable for each player to sit and play games from last table position rather than beginning table position. The chances of risk and loss are high for the players whose position is high; likewise, low risk and loss ratings for the players positioned at last.

Lybaert Wins the Eureka Poker Tour

The Eureka poker tour held in Czech Republic continued to thrill poker fans around the world. The 2013 event was however dominated by one man who eventually became the champion after showcasing a spectacular level of pay throughout the events. Lybaert, the poker pro managed to beat a total of 421 players who included some of the worlds’ famous poker pros to earn a cool €115, 000 which was the first place prize this was however his first ever major victory.

The Belgian poker player entered the event with only one win in all his live poker tournaments. His only win came this month at the €700 buy in main eventUKIPT London. At this event, he managed to earn himself a total of € 1, 200 at the 139th position. The win in this week’s tournament makes him gives him a name in the poker world after his amazing level of  playat the eurekamain event Poker tour Czech Republic.

Lybaert entered the event as the leading player in a number of chips on the day 2 of play and was able to maintain his leading position all through. However, his lead was cut short towards the final event when and entered the final event as the second in largest chip holder in the final table. He later managed to regain his leading position in a huge pot against thepoker stars qualifier and his main competitorKasparas. He continued to build up his stack throughthe games eliminating more people as the lay went on. He finally went into a heads-up play, Lybaert held on eight to one chip lead against Leib who was no match for him. Lybaert was finally crowned the winner at the end of the event.