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With the evolution of poker in the last decades, there are highly imperative events where professional players can invest their skills and utilize their hidden talent. It is unanimously agreed that poker though governed by luck requires skills as essential element of success. Lee Salem is exactly mirrored in this assertion with his numerous significant cashes in WSOP and WPT events while he is a renowned cash game participant. His struggles in the poker arena to cement his name and shovel in earnings have seen him leave the casinos pockets full. Though eclipsed His resume is an admirable piece that deserves reviewing.

He first placed 5th in the 1998 WSOP Main Event in a final table that hosted the likes of Scotty Nguyen and T.J. Cloutier. He garnered $190,000 for his efforts; it is the biggest event cash hitherto. Salem’s first WSOP cash in 1995 was a Limit Hold’em tournament but has seven cashes in the event. Earlier in 2000, he cashed to place 40th and later the following year for a 361st position. On the World Poker Tour, he has three cashes while final tabling once. He final tabled at the Grand Prix de Paris in 2003 in the WPT Season II. He placed 6th in the event where David Benyamine carried the day. (more…)

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Poker continues to offer lucrative avenues to talented players to garner earnings and also mint accolades.

With the increased popularity of the World Series of Poker, players who are willing to climb higher on their career ladder can utilize local tournaments not only to enlarge their bankrolls but also as leeway to high-profile tournaments. The chances are limited but may come across your career path at any moment.

Dennis N. Phillips first qualified to enter the 2008 WSOP Main Event via a $200 Satellite event Harrah Casino. On getting the opportunity, he played leaving nothing to chances as chip leader at the final table but placed 3rd in his heat. Nevertheless, this did not halt his career but strengthened him to venture into other notable tournaments where he has performed incredibly well.

The most endearing accomplishment he has made throughout his career is his third position at the WSOP in 2008, at the final table he merely missed winning as he did not have cards essential for winning the hand but took home a stupendous $4,517,773. (more…)

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In the month of November, internet gaming revenue in New Jersey was $8.7 million, as per state gaming regulators. Revenue collected from online poker was $1,877,603 – a small number since the Garden State launched Online gambling with real-money in November 2013. In October revenue collected from online poker was $1,967,904, part of overall internet gaming revenue that amounted to $9.48 million.

There has been a rise in the percentage of internet gaming accounts that have been created by 5.7 per cent. In November 2014, the number of accounts created was 506,172 as against October 2014 which was 479,073.

Ultimate Gaming withdrew from the Online gaming market in addition to ending its agreement with Trump Taj Mahal Associates after they filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Trump Taj Mahal shutdown its operations of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. Three other Casino properties shut its operations in 2014 in New Jersey. Ultimate Gaming however continues to offer online Poker in Nevada. (more…)

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He is a player who has played many poker tournaments. He is a player who has 5 titles on his account.

He is a player who has won many matches on his account. He has won many titles in the game of poker. He is a player who has played the entire European as well the world series of poker at the international poker tournament. He is a player who tracks records in the game of poker are extremely god that a poker player should have. He is a player who has played at the world series of poker tournament he has 2 bracelet on his name in the game of poker. He I a player who has made scores in the game of poker.

We can see that pascal has 8 cashes and 1 bracelets and 1 winning in World Series of poker tournament. He is a player who has played at the world poker tournament. He is a player who has played at the poker tournaments He is a player who has played many cashes on his account in the game of poker. He is a player who has played at the world poker series and won many matches at the world series of poker tournaments. He has also won the World Series bracelets in the year 2010. He has played for online poker game. He is a player who even likes t play online poker game. He is a player who has played at the world title poker game with great strength. He is a player who has played at the world poker tournament.

If you are new to the poker game there are lot of thing that you can learn in the game of poker. He is a player who has played at the word poker tournament. He also has social welfare thought through which he teaches many new poker players who are interested to pay poker.

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Few women have elicited the haughty wins that are demonstrated by women in the US poker scenes. Nevertheless, there are a few women who have cemented the American feminist poker sisterhood by clinching top prizes and earning mouth-watering figures. One of these women is Erica Schoenberg who has played widely in the globally-organized poker games with impeccable performance.

She has not disappointed her country when she has shown up in high-profile events but has outshone competitors. Though a frequent player at live tournaments, she is also a player on the online poker events where she performs incredibly well. Weighing her string of winnings alongside earnings, her adventure in poker has spawned far-reaching rewards for her career.

Schoenberg emerged 16th in the WSOP $25,000 Championships NL Texas hold’em and 3rd in the 2007 WSOP $1,500 NLHE. She also featured in the Season IV World Poker Tour Ladies Night tournament. On the same year, she threw her hat in the $2,500 NLHE Mandalay Bay Poker Championships where she clinched $105,875. She has also played in the Full Tilt Poker where she has scored excellently with her earnings heightening imperceptibly. Owing to the stormy arenas she has ventured to lock horns with superlative players, her name cannot be expunged from the list of first-class poker women players in the US. Her incessant winnings are exemplary for novice players who have ventured into the murky waters of gambling and left without bruises.

As of 2014, Schoenberg her overall live tournaments earnings were beyond $870,000. As she is incessant in the game, one cannot underestimate her if she ventures into play at high-profile. However, she should plunge into the WSOP, WPT or EPT for a sizeable jackpot. She is among the women who deserve the fete for outstanding performance at stormy poker competitions.

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