According To AI Poker Master Artificial Intelligence Makes Humans Better

The Artificial intelligence will not pose a danger to human jobs; on the contrary, it makes human beings improved, said the developer of AI robot, which defeated some of the best poker players in the world.


Tuomas Sandholm, the professor of computer science in U.S. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), spoke a lot about the applications involving AI have links close to the life of an ordinary human being.

In an interview, he made the remarks with Xinhua on the 2018 sidelines sessions of the 2018 CONNECT conference this weekend; this is a forum that focuses on academic exchanges on AI science between the U.S. and China and enterprises, young talents and startups.

Although the technology AI is being widely used in business, in the cyber security and in the field of medicine, it is very hot at these days, and it faces many challenges even now, some of them less mature and mature, Sandholm noted.

He further added that “Certainly, the mature ones are the one that we see as machine learning; predominantly deep learning that is very hot.”

“The strategic reasoning is in a quite different state. It is nascent much more and you don’t see many applications for that yet,” he said, and added that it is in a growth area, which will see further growth for many years.

When asked about the balance between decision-making ability by human beings and by AI, he said humans believe very much in themselves

For an example Libratus, an AI computer program created and designed by himself and his team to play poker card game.

When it brought into a tournament opposite human poker player of the world’s top-class last in January last, the international team challenged that humans would win. But, human players lost the game within a day or two.