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A Sporty Player of the Poker

He was born in the 1981 n February 17 at Texas, Dallas who has boomed on the coast of Sports oceanic like wrestling, soccer and volleyball but spent most of his evenings in the rational challenges such as backgammon and chess which he has learned by his parents. While skiing with a close friend, Paul Wasicka visited the first hilarious atmosphere of the gambling world. Carrying the youthful nature, Paul Wasicka first entered in the live poker room in which he spurred to gain some additional knowledge about the casino games.

Most of his daytime, Paul Wasicka spent by playing the online cash games but eventually ran into the substantial bankroll in which he subsequently accumulated the wide knowledge about the skills those are essential to perform well to manage the money. Paul Wasicka first attempted in the live tournaments in which he caught by the attention of a grand personality of poker Wasicka in 2004 but it diminished in the rush of hundreds of more partakers. In the satellite tournaments of 2006, Paul Wasicka offered the various opportunities by his bankroll that he had to complete in the limited time.

The initial phase of April of 2006, Paul Wasicka first made his way while performing in the satellite in which he played for $25,000 buy-in in the WPT world championship at Bellagio and here he finished his 15th place for the heavy prize money as $146,460. The unconditional time of the Las Vegas fetched him towards the World Series of Poker main event in that year where Paul Wasicka made a deep figure of 2 No Limit Hold’em tournaments ahead of running the bottomless $10,000 buy in of the main event in all the way around the final poker table and finally grabbed the stunning portion of prize money as $6.1 million.